Your ultrasound
is personal.

This, is what it looks like.

The Vave Personal Ultrasound Solution

Vave Ultrasound

Ultrasound like you’ve never experienced before

Featuring uncompromising wireless imaging in a sleek pocket-sized probe

Image on iOS or Android, phone or tablet, even simultaneously

Vave Refresh

Industry’s first upgrade plan

Technology moves fast. We get it. Future proof your investment

Let us upgrade you to our latest probe technology every two years!

Vave Assist

Clinical expertise at your fingertips

Need expert advice on your images? With Vave Assist, you’ve got it

Access on-demand education and advice from Vave’s clinician partners when you need it most

Vave Raves


Experience scanning – untethered
Tight spaces, difficult scanning areas.
No problem


An ultrasound solution that
fits in your pocket
Ultra-portable, easy to access when you need it most


Multi-device compatibility
Smartphone or tablet. iOS or Android. You decide