Ultrasound Untethered.

Wireless ultrasound, mentors, new probe every 24 months, and more.

A flexible, all-inclusive subscription @ $99/month (billed annually).

Why subscribe to Vave membership?

Vave is an easier, more flexible alternative to traditional ultrasound purchase.


One monthly payment includes device, software, access to mentors, warranty and upgrades.


We know technology moves fast. With industry’s only hardware upgrade program, you get a new probe every 24 months.


Life can change, so we change with you. Only 1-year commitment, 14 day return & the flexibility to cancel.

The Vave Personal Ultrasound Solution

Vave Ultrasound

Ultrasound like you’ve never experienced before

Featuring uncompromising wireless imaging in a sleek pocket-sized probe.

Image on iOS or Android, phone or tablet, even simultaneously.

Vave Refresh

Industry’s first upgrade plan

Technology moves fast. We get it. Future proof your investment.

Let us upgrade you to our latest probe technology every two years!

Vave Assist

Clinical expertise at your fingertips

Need expert advice on your images? With Vave Assist, you’ve got it.

Access on-demand education and advice from Vave’s clinician partners when you need it most.

Vave provides a modern approach to integrate ultrasound into your clinical practice

Vave’s Membership offers the world’s most affordable wireless, ultra-portable ultrasound solution. Learn How.


Your Plan

Disk Space




Email Accounts



LOW Upfront Costs

One Price


Free Probe Upgrade every 24 months

Wireless Ultrasound

On-Demand Access to Ultrasound experts

Cross device compatibility


Your current ultrasound

We have partnered with Touro University to provide portable ultrasound devices to students.

Vave Raves

  • It’s wireless, no cords or plugs – and fits in my pocket so I can carry it easily from room to room. With Vave, I can conveniently scan my patients while using my smartphone or tablet, and quickly get the answers I need.

    Andre Kumar MD, MAEd Hospitalist
  • The real power of Vave is in the online portfolio generation that each student can create and carry with them longitudinally as they learn point of care ultrasound in medical school and ultimately into their GME program.

    Robinson M. Ferre MD, FACEP Asst Prof of Emergency Medicine
  • Vave is a terrific portable ultrasound device that provides equal if not better resolution compared to other handheld devices I have used.

    Matt Chan MD Asst Prof of Family Medicine

Vave Raves


Experience scanning – untethered
Tight spaces, difficult scanning areas.
No problem


An ultrasound solution that
fits in your pocket
Ultra-portable, easy to access when you need it most


Multi-device compatibility
Smartphone or tablet. iOS or Android. You decide

Our Mission

Every patient deserves the best care.
Every clinician should have the best tools to provide it - wherever, whenever.

We are on a mission to change the paradigm of healthcare on a global level with disruptive technologies that are affordable and accessible to everyone, starting with ultrasound.

We’re excited about our potential to improve healthcare. And so are the 100+ healthcare professionals who gave us input and tested our new solutions.

Better care, lower costs and a brighter future — that’s our shared vision.

Our diverse team has come together for one shared purpose – to improve healthcare for the greater good

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